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Recently, Texas Attorney General reached settlements with two companies for failing to protect their customers’ private data. The first, GAB Robins, agreed to pay $125,000 in fines and legal fees. A second company, B&F Finance McAllen L.L.C. agreed to pay $20,000.

Information about HIPAA  can be found at the US Department of Health and Human Services web site.

FACTA  disposal rules required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act can by found on the FTC’s web site.

The OITPA,  passed by the 2007 Oregon legislature, gives consumers more tools to prevent identity theft. The Act also gives guidance to Oregon businesses and government on how to protect the personal identifying information of consumers. Visit the State of Oregon’s Division of Finance and Corporate Securities web site for more information.

National Association for Information Destruction,  National Association for Information Destruction.

PRISM International,  PRISM International

Association for Information & Imaging Management, Association for Information & Imaging Management.

Oregon State Archives, Records Management, The following link is to the general guidelines Oregon state follows that can be insightful for small business owners who are developing a retention schedule.  These are good guidelines that can help to create a custom schedule.

DHS Total Recall,  Our records management software.

Digitech Systems,  Our imaging and image silo software partner.
Digitech Systems

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