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Accu NW Celebrates Five Year Anniversary of Biodiesel Use in Fleet

Accu NW is proud to be celebrating five years of using biodiesel in the company’s truck fleet. This is a milestone that Accu NW set for the company back in 2006, achieving this goal is a great step to becoming a more eco-friendly company.
Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative for fuel; it is produced from renewable resources which makes biodiesel produce lower emissions than normal petroleum. By eliminating the use of normal petroleum, less harmful fossil fuel gasses are put into the atmosphere, which in return helps reduce the green house effect on the environment. The benefits are also seen locally; as farmers can grow the resources, such as soybeans, in order to produce biodiesel.

Brock Miller, General Manager of Accu NW states, “Our use of biodiesel fuels in our fleet since 2006, may not be earth shattering, but it certainly is meaningful to our organization and an environmentally conscious choice we made and will continue to make. It helps move our company in greener directions; we are always striving to find new ways to help our company be more environmentally friendly, and this certainly helps.”

Accu NW will continue to do their part in moving toward being a more eco-friendly company. In addition to the use of biodiesel, Accu NW recycles one hundred percent of the paper it collects through its shredding services and is helping companies move from paper based file management to digital file management.

Accu NW is looking forward to celebrating the achievement of five years of using biodiesel fuel and are looking forward to continuing the environmentally responsible growth of the company.


Accu NW is a privately owned company held by Gresham Sanitary Services Inc. The company has three divisions are AccuShred NW, AccuStore NW, AccuScan NW and AccuShare NW, each locally providing world class services including records and information management, document shredding, data imaging services to Oregon and Washington.

For More Information contact:
Josh Lattin, Divisions Manager
AccuScan NW & AccuShare NW
P: 503-669-0460
E: josh@accunw.com
W: http://accunw.com/

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